‘Shut up’ Chavez Ringtone A Monster Hit in Spain, Latin America

Another popular Ringtone inspired by real life events. The Spaniards can’t get enough of how their King snubbed Hugo Chavez, the Venezualan renegade. He just said ‘Shut Up’!

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Scandal spawns Ringtone!

Here’s something that gives a new spin on mobile content.

In Malaysia, a high profile scandal involving corruption in the judiciary, has found its voice in the form of a Ringtone.

A much publicised video clip of a conversation between a Malaysian Judge and a senior lawyer VK Lingam has spawned the hottest thing in User generated content – a ringtone of Lingam’s vocal antics that some have even dubbed ‘Ringamtone’!

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A thought: How about  having ‘Famous Quotes’ converted into Ringtones – ‘ I have a dream’ tone. Any takers.

Nokla N95, Whats in a name?


I am not going to say much, cause these pictures will tell you more.

Nokla is a made in China product (who would have guessed). Priced at under USD 150, this N95 avatar even comes with touchscreen and stylus (one up on the Nokia N95!). I believe this one was bought in Chennai, India, although, I am pretty sure that’s not the only place you can find it.

It’s not a toy, it’s fully functional.

Google to launch new airline!

Hah… it could be any industry actually! As the ‘Big Thinking’,  Mountain View company has made it clear that it intends to enter the Telecom services space. With a 60%  grip on the Internet Search market, this is a surprise departure  from the core competency of the Internet behemoth.

But,with 13 billion in cash reserves Google can afford to surprise us and itself. It is learnt that they plan to bid for the 700 Mhz spectrum in the US to be offered on Jan 24th 2008. They have enlisted help from game theory experts to project the outcome of the auction!

Google is also said to be testing its advanced wireless network at its campus.

So,what can we expect? Here’s what will change –

Advertising on Mobile – Something the telco’s are still struggling with.

A Google approach to wireless; Simple and user focused service.

Out of the ‘Search’ Box innovations.

The convergence paradigm is evolving, its not just devices doing many things but also companies bringing it all together.

What’s next for Google? Aviation!